The story of 
Single Shot Steve

    After a long run with Double Shot, I was getting frustrated with not learning new material. The Stony Creek Roadhouse in Michigan was now a main venue for Double Shot and doing very well for us. Bill Pavka, the manager at the time had approached me to play a Wednesday night as a solo act. This would be my first solo try and I was petrified. So I learned as many new songs as I could to give this a try. I did an audition for an hour and the place rocked. The crowd at Stony Creek is always a good time. Bill wanted me for every Wednesday I could play so I did and have kept that slot ever since. When I walked in the following Wednesday, my new solo name was up on the entertainment board. Yep you guessed it “Single Shot”.

I have Bill to thank for that.

And it stuck!

    After about a year playing solo,  My wife & I watched an acoustic guitar entertainer by the name of “Smitty, The Fishin’ Musician” on a beach in Boca Grand, Florida. What a great show he was.  I had an opportunity to play at Porto Bello’s Restaurant “The Deck” located on the property of my Florida Condo. Turns out Smitty played there on Sundays but I had never seen him before. Apparently, I was the only one who hadn’t. He was my motivation to play in Florida. Great musician and a great entertainer. The problem was equipment, guitar, etc. So, off to the guitar shop for more equipment (You can’t fly this stuff nowadays). 

    I did my first  show there in the 2007 season and have been playing Fridays when I’m in town at Porto Bellos ever since. Some of the best people I have ever met. I even wrote a theme song for the place “The Porto Bello Song”. I have since added more venues in Florida including the Ocean Reef Private Club in Key Largo. Never thought I would be doing this at my age but I finally figured out there’s a lot of people growing old with me. So this new career could go on a long time.

Thanks, hope to see you at my show soon,

Steve Flagg