The story of 
Double Shot Brian & Steve

     Way back in 1991 the original Double Shot was formed.

Dave Lawrence & Steve Flagg were the first Double Shot. Dave & Steve...D&S...Double Shot get it?  We had played successfully for a couple of years before Dave had decided to reform his old four piece rock band  “Panterra” and regrouped as the “The Peacekeepers”. Another great band.  Well that was the end of Double Shot, so I thought.

    I really thought it was over for me playing music, and for the next 10 years it was.

    It was a Summer Boat Club weekend at Metro Beach Marina in Michigan, somewhere around 2004, when I first met Brian Grasso. I had heard through the club members that he played guitar, sang and was awesome. So we hooked up for a couple of songs sitting on the back of my boat with a little P.A. set up. Four hours later and a bottle of Crown Royal we were getting pretty good (In our minds). I went to his wife sitting on the dock and asked her if it would be ok to reform a duo with Brian.

I believe “Oooh Nooo” was the answer.

    Well as it turns out Brian was real motivated about playing again after that night. He bought a new guitar, P.A. and started to sing with his sister Lori to form a trio with another friend of his, Jeff. I played a couple of gigs with them at first but it just wasn’t the style of music I was looking for. So I made Brian an offer to restart Double Shot. And we did.

    It wasn’t  long before we were playing at the Bistro Bourdeau in Auburn Hill, Michigan. A small bar in the front of the restaurant. We packed the place every Thursday night. A lot of great memories. From there it was many bars, restaurants, parties, & special events. As time went on and I had been doing more & more solo shows we started to back away form our busy schedule as Double Shot. Brian had moved on to a full band called “Excess in Moderation” a great and popular blues group. Unfortunately like many bands, personalities conflicted and split the band. (Rumor has it, there were fist fights) that will do it. He was also still doing shows with Lori as “Sibling Rivalry”. So he was pretty busy.

    I was hell bent on learning newer material and had tried to replace Brian a few times because of it. We weren’t playing much any more. There are a lot of great musicians out there but you can’t replace the chemistry that we seemed to have. Trying to do that with someone else became a nightmare.  Every place Brian & I would play, people would come up and say they can tell what a great time Brian & I are having. It makes the show fun for everyone. Its not all about perfect music. You can turn on the radio for that. We just made the place fun. So we ended up together again by popular request.  I guess we’re stuck with each other for a while. So there you have it.

We’re back!!

Make sure to check out our schedule. Thanks, we hope to see you at one of our shows soon,

Steve Flagg